Subsequent Events

The sale of MorphoSys’s Research and Diagnostics division, AbD Serotec, to Bio-Rad was agreed on 16 December 2012. Bio-Rad purchased substantially all of AbD Serotec for approximately € 53 million. This sum includes the purchase price, an indemnifi cation for cash reserves in the AbD Serotec subsidiaries amounting to € 5.3 million, and a license payment for the use of the HuCAL  technology in the market for research reagents  and diagnostics. The transaction was concluded in January 2013.

Through the implementation of IFRS 5, substantially all of the contribution to results from AbD Serotec was already disclosed separately as discontinued operations in the 2012 financial year. In 2012, AbD Serotec contributed sales amounting to € 18.0 million to Group revenues and a segment result of € 0.3 million.

The transaction means that the Group workforce will decrease by 135 employees in 2013.

The subsidiaries MorphoSys AbD GmbH, MorphoSys UK Ltd. and MorphoSys US Inc. were taken over by Bio-Rad and will be separated from the Group.

No further significant changes took place after the conclusion of the 2012 financial year. Other events with a significant effect on the net assets, financial position and results of operations also did not occur after the conclusion of the financial year.