3 Financial Instruments

On 30 September 2014, an amount of € 93.4 million (31 December 2013: € 188.4 million) was invested in various money-market funds. A total of € 5.0 million (31 December 2013: € 11.1 million) was invested in two variable-interest money-market bonds. These instruments were allocated to the category "available for sale" in accordance with IAS 39 "Financial Instruments".

On 30 September 2014, the Company held short-term financial assets totaling € 191.9 million (31 December 2013: € 119.3 million) under the line item "other receivables", which were to be allocated to the category "loans and receivables". A share of € 4.7 million of the purchase price for the divested AbD Serotec business held in an escrow account was released during the third quarter of 2014.

MorphoSys regularly enters into foreign currency options and forward contracts to hedge foreign exchange exposure. On 30 September 2014, one option contract with a total nominal value of US$ 1.6 million was still outstanding (31 December 2013: no outstanding option contracts). An unrealized gain from this contract in the amount of € 226 was recognized in profit and loss in the first nine months of 2014.