MorphoSys – A Strong Development Partner

Strong partners,
joint success

MorphoSys is a well-respected development partner for renowned pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. This is not limited to the discovery of compounds, where we have excellent expertise and experience. We are also involved in a variety of partnerships that cover the complete development range – from the identification of target molecules to later stages of development and all the way to market approval.

The antibody MOR106 is a good example how to advance the development successfully with partners. We discovered and developed MOR106 together with the Belgian company Galapagos N.V. While Galapagos has identified the target molecule, we have identified the antibody. Preclinical studies have shown that MOR106 plays an important role in certain inflammatory skin diseases. MOR106 is currently in clinical development for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

In July 2018, we, together with Galapagos, signed an exclusive global licensing agreement with the pharmaceutical company Novartis. Should MOR106 be approved for such a broad indication as atopic dermatitis, the partner Novartis will bring in the respective necessary commercial and marketing power. The agreement includes an upfront and potential success-based milestone payments. In addition, Novartis will take over all future cost for research and development. In summary, this partnership has created a network resulting in benefits for all stakeholders: First and foremost as we hope for the patients, but also for the companies in terms of joint research and the later commercialization as well as revenue generation.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Together with the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, we work on the research and development of therapeutic antibodies against cancer. Based on our Ylanthia platform, we will identify antibody candidates for jointly selected target molecules.


With GlaxoSmithKline we have entered into an agreement for the development and commercialization of MOR103. This antibody is currently in development for the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Under the license agreement, we will receive potential payments totaling 445 million euros and double-digit royalties on net sales.

Leo Pharma

Dermatology: Together with Leo Pharma we have an ongoing collaboration working on antibody-based therapies. In 2018 we extended this partnership to also develop peptide-based therapeutics. Using their broad experience in dermatology, Leo Pharma selects target molecules and we identify suitable drug candidates. In addition, we have the option to develop resulting drug candidates in cancer indications ourselves up to market approval.


I-Mab and MorphoSys signed a strategic collaboration and regional licensing agreement for the preclinical antibody MOR210 in November 2018. MOR210 has the potential for development in the innovative field of immuno-oncology. I-Mab will have exclusive rights to develop and commercialize MOR210 in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and South Korea, while we retain the rights in the rest of the world.

Galapagos & Novartis

Together with Galapagos, we have entered into a global licensing agreement with Novartis for the development of MOR106 for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. The agreement includes an upfront payment of 95 million euros, potential milestone payments of up to 850 million euros as well as royalties.